Mug File Guidelines

 Sizes Print file Size
11oz 9" X 3.5"
15oz 9" X 3.8"

* The print area may vary by +/- 0.1″ (0.25 cm).

Print file template


Must-follow guidelines

    1. Submit files in PNG or JPEG format with at least 300 DPI
      We recommend using PNG for designs with a transparent background. For other designs, we advise preparing files in JPEG instead.
    2. Create files with sRGB color profile
      To ensure your design looks the same when printed as it does on screen, make sure you create your print file in sRGB color profile.
    3. Follow the generator guidelines
      To ensure the best placement of your design, use our Mockup Generator that shows the center of the mug, as well as the middle point of the right and left side.
    4. Remove print file template guidelines
      If you use our downloadable templates, delete the guide layers before saving your files. If you don't delete them, they'll show up on the print.

Tips for best results

  • Avoid designs with small details
    Because the product itself is small, avoid using tiny details or text in your designs since they may print blurry. Bold lines and graphics usually work best for mugs.

Mug disclaimers: We can't guarantee 100% color accuracy.